Leads School System Defence Day Ceremony, Zubaida Barkatullah Campus
The Leads School System Defence Day Ceremony at Zubaida Barkatullah Campus stands as a beacon of patriotism...
  1. Historical PerspectiveThe ceremony at Zubaida Barkatullah Campus takes its inspiration from the heroic tales of bravery and sacrifice of Pakistan's armed forces. It serves as an educational opportunity for students to understand the importance of defending one's nation.
  2. Incorporating PatriotismThe event instills a deep sense of patriotism in the students. They learn about the significance of national unity and the role they can play in safeguarding their homeland.
  3. Engaging ActivitiesThe ceremony features a range of engaging activities, including speeches, patriotic songs, and skits, designed to captivate the students' hearts and minds.
  4. Guest SpeakersDistinguished guest speakers, often retired military personnel or local heroes, share their experiences and wisdom with the students, further inspiring them to value their country's defense.

The Impact

The Defence Day ceremony at Zubaida Barkatullah Campus goes beyond a routine event; it leaves a lasting impact on the students:

  • Fostering PatriotismStudents develop a profound sense of patriotism, understanding that they are an integral part of a nation that has a rich history of sacrifices for its freedom.
  • Educational ValueThe event serves as a history lesson, teaching students about the sacrifices made by our heroes in uniform.
  • Character BuildingIt instills qualities like courage, determination, and selflessness in students, helping shape their character positively.
  • InspirationMany students find inspiration in the stories of valor shared during the ceremony, motivating them to strive for excellence in their lives.

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