Science Exhibition Event at LEADS School System, Al-Masoom Campus, Sheikhupura
The Science Exhibition Event at Leads School, Al-Masoom Campus, Sheikhupura..

On the beautiful day of 30th November 2023, At Leads School System Sheikhupura, Al-Masoom Campus, organized a thought provoking and full of energy Science exhibition with little Leaders. Where the execution of innovative thoughts converting in life can be seen virtually through pictures.

In this event our innocent leaders showcased their abilities of how well they know Science and
IT through giving us informative shots of 5 Senses, which are Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch and
Hearing. They did not only showcase their abilities through projects but also described how
well informed our Leaders are even in that age.

They also described about the significance of IT (Information Technology) and its usage in day
to day routine. Educating children about Internal, External and Secondary Memory in a
computer is undoubtedly a strategic step taken by the respected principal of the campus.
Indeed, strategic and well informed brains are behind Choosing age specific information for
the Science and IT Projects.

WE Leads Group from Head office as a team also assured our presence as we always try
making our promise to walk through our respected franchisees shoulder by shoulder. At this
occasion our team also visited the campus and interacted with the intelligent students.
At this enthralling event of Leads school system, Al-Masoom Campus, we tried to cover as
much topics as we can to inform and aware our children regarding science and IT inventions in
the world so, they can walk confidently with the world.

At Leads School System, we always make sure that our children Learn the Best, From the Best
and For the Best.

So, it is never too late to give your children the best Education…….
Join LEADS School System today to give your kids the best and Globally recognized education
for their better future. Because, we prepare the Future LEADERS……

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