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LEADS School System a project of Lahore LEADS University is an institution with academic standards par excellence for basic level. It aims at exploring the talent of every student and strives to ensure ones nourishment of basic skills and capabilities. The students of this institute are groomed in a way that they may continue their academic pursuits in the reputed institutions not only in the country but elsewhere in the world. At the same time , they should also excel in the co-curricular skills and activities. We are preparing students to compete the challenges of the 21st century. LEADS School System is expanding with a view to become the largest school system all over the country. LEADS School System promotes holistic development of the student through all domains of knowledge. By focusing on the dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, independent critical and creative thought, practical moderate personality development, international-mindedness and believe on “LIFE SKILLS” based Education

leads school system

LEADS was established in 1998. The basic aim of the Educational network is to produce Leaders for the nation through a holistic development of the individuals by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability and commitment to service and respect for the nation. LEADS is an innovating and enterprising organization, welcoming , engaged and committed to excel in education ,research, creating activities and community partnerships. Therefore, LEADS started its projects in education at all levels named as "LEADS School System", "LEADS Group of Colleges" and "Lahore LEADS University".

Our Core Values
Inspirational Leadership   
Our Mission

To build the nation according to the international standards of curriculum and practical Islamic moderate personality development in caring and conducive learning environment.

Our Philosophy

To cultivate proper Islamic qualities and habits that should be inherent in every child. Hence, it is our Endeavour to strike a balance between contemporary education and Islamic teachings by enhancing the skills of our students and thereby assisting them to become more devout, independent, creative and compassionate individuals.

Managing Director (Leads Group)

Mr Asad Manzoor Wattoo (MD) has been leading the inspiring team of LEADS with his clear vision and responsibility to set high standards and a focus on quality education. Being a graduate of the University of Sussex ( University in Brighton, England) in Marketing, he is utilizing his expertise to flourish LEADS School System. Mr Asad always feel driven to be an educationist and facilitate the growth and development of the faculty and students with his passion. As a team, we believe that his enthusiasm, positive attitude, and hands-on experience working with educationists will make LEADS an influencing institute in the country.

Asad Manzoor Wattoo

MD (LEADS School System)


A leadership team with vision

We have a efficient team of hard working members working tirelessly for the betterment of system and putting their efforts to make education system even better.

Muhammad Hanfia

Marketing Head

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Ms Sadaf Ejaz

Academic Head

Muhkum Uddin
Muhkum Uddin

Administration Manager

Uzair Ahmed

Finance Manager