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HEAD OFFICE - C14, Formanites Housing Scheme, Kamahan, Lahore.

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0301 1109630

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Important FAQ’s
What is the admission procedure at LEADS School System?
An Interview and written test is taken according to the age and Grade level of the applicant.
What is the fee structure at LEADS School System?
We provide the best education to your child at budget-friendly fees as per the Grade Level, starting from very minimum price. For detailed overview of our fee structure, kindly visit Leads Schools' Fee Structure
What syllabus is taught at LEADS School System?
At LEADS we have designed the syllabus according to modern time’s requirements as well as related to our Islamic and Social environment. SNC is implemented in our all schools so students could enjoy an equal and fair chance of receiving a good education.
Is there any vacancy available at LEADS School System?
You can apply at your nearest LEADS Campus by sending your CV or walk-in interview. An interview and demo will be taken by the Head of the School.
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